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Medium;    Oil on Block canvas.

Size;            20cm.  

(Sq. white block frame size 31cm.)

Price; €400 ea. €750 pr. (plus p&p)

These are two small studies of flowers in my garden. 

The first is of a bee on lavender, entitled ‘The visitor’ and the other is called ‘My Allium’.

I was struck by their colour as they came in to flower one summer’s day and I just had to get them down on canvas before they began to lose their magic appeal.

Title;           Moonlit Sugarloaf


Medium;    Oil


Size;           60 x 60cm


Price;         €600

This painting was done in response to a request from the Greystones Art Group to its members to submit a painting of the Sugarloaf mountain

In Co. Wicklow to be displayed in their 50th anniversary exhibition in July 2015

Playing the 11th at Woodbrook

Medium;                      Acrylic 

Size (incl. frame)        53 x 61cm ( 21” x 24”)


I donated this painting of the golf course to be raffled during our 2016

Greystones Art Exhibition in aid of The Greystones Cancer Support Group. As

a result, we were able to present them with a cheque for €1000 which was

much appreciated.



Forth Bridge – proving the principle

This painting depicts a unique demonstration by the engineers working on the construction of the Forth Bridge to prove to a presiding committee that the principle actually worked. It is interesting to note that the engineer sitting on the swing was Japanese or so I was informed by a relation of mine who saw the painting.

Medium;    Acrylic

Size;           30x40cm incl. frame, 48x58cm

Price;         €700

The Megget Dam

Medium: Watercolour

Picture size:  35x45cm

Price:    unframed €450  

                framed  €550

This is a picture I did during a visit to the Scottish Borders. The dam had won first prize for best architectural project and it certainly deserved it.

During the painting, I lost the sheep when overpainting the masking fluid but managed to herd them up again I'm glad to say.


Boat at Dunfanaghy


This painting was done while on a weeks holiday ( the prize for the radio art competition  mentioned previously).  



Medium: Watercolour

Size:     8''x10''

Price:   SOLD


Big blue flower

This is a large painting which I did over a couple of weekends during my working days. It was done on hardboard backed with 2''x2'' wood.

It has been the main feature in our bedroom since and although never framed, could look very impressive if it were, and placed the right situation.

This British Rail ferry, docked at Belfast, was painted from a photograph I took before a trip to Scotland in 1974 and could be classed as 'vintage'

I wrote to the harbourmasters at both Belfast and Stranraer at that time, enclosing a picture of the painting. They could have got for a song then.


Medium:  Oil

 Size:    90x90cm

 Price:   €1200 (unframed)



Galloway Princess in Belfast Dock


Medium:  Watercolour

Size:   30x45cm

Price:  €750 (unframed)

           €900 (pewter finish metal frame)


Stranger in the forest

Medium:         Oil

Picture size:     30 x 25cm

Price unframed:  

€450  framed €600


Toward Lighthouse

Medium:          Mixed Media

Picture size:      41 x 34cm

Framed price:   €750


Eagle Island, Co Mayo

Medium:         Oil

Picture size:     40 x 50cm

Framed price:  € 800


Erris Head

Medium:         Pastel




Whether you agree with wind farms or not, when I stood

close to one of the pylons I was so impressed with the surging energy

and the whoosh, whoosh whoosh of the propellers that I just had to

try  to recapture the experience in this painting which I did in the west

of Ireland a few years ago.


Holidays spent with my parents in the seaside town of Largs

on the Firth of Clyde, were magical. I was always fascinated by the

constant wink of light from Toward Lighthouse as it swept across

the Firth. And here it was at last, just yards away and in broad

daylight a good many years later.


This is a picture of  Eagle Island Island off the West Coast of Ireland,

.I painted it while we were on holiday at my daughter's house in that beautiful

part of the Co. Mayo. Glimpses of the Island keep re-appearing  as one drives

around the area and on this occasion I was lucky enough to be on the spot

when it was looking it's best.

This was another painting done while on holiday in Mayo. I have tried to convey

the extreme conditions one frequently experiences on the western seaboard as the

Atlantic rollers pound the shoreline.


Lisbon Rooftops


Medium:       Watercolour


Size:               33 x 33cm


Price:            €600

I did this painting from one of the many photographs I took on holiday in Portugal as the tiled rooftops just begged to be recorded. 

The picture was hung in the

Royal Hibernian Academy in 1995 and has been stored since its return.

Still life with peppers


Medium:     Watercolour


Size:              30 x 38cm



 The two peppers were the starting point for this study.  I had this plate which I bought to hang in our first house and

it had just one flower in the centre. I decided to replicate it as tiles as a background to the main attraction, the peppers.

Again this picture was chosen to hang in the RHA and now has my eldest daughter's name against it when I'm gone.

Title:          Dun an mBo

Size:           48 x 48 cms.

Medium:    Oil

Price:         €850

This is a new painting of a well-known tourist attraction in Co. Mayo, Ireland  just North of Be mullet. It is known as ‘the blowhole’ for obvious reasons but is known by the locals by its Irish name,

Dun na mBo.  

The following six pictures are all limited edition prints in each case, out of 50. 

They depict  popular scenes  in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 

The Japanese Gardens Co. Kildare

Powerscourt Waterfall Co. Wicklow

Price: Mounted only €90 plus p/p

Framed                    €150 plus p/p

Glen of the Downs


Bray Harbour


The Sugarloafs


Greystones Harbour (as it was before the new marina development)

Price: Mounted only €90 plus p/p

Framed                    €150 plus p/p

Price: Mounted only €90 plus p/p

Framed                    €150 plus p/p

Price: Mounted only €90 plus p/p

Framed                    €150 plus p/p

Price: Mounted only €90 plus p/p

Framed                    €150 plus p/p

The four pencil drawings in this section are the result of  sketching trips I made while on holiday in the lovely little village of Burton Bradstock in Dorset.



All four are of a limited edition run of 100 signed and numbered giclee prints size 130 x 180


 Burton Bradstock


Golden Cap


Chesil Beach


West Bay 


Mounted and backed to 280 x 325mm €65 + p/p  

Framed €90 + p/p

Mounted and backed to 280 x 325mm €65 + p/p  

Framed €90 + p/p

Mounted and backed to 280 x 325mm €65 + p/p  

Framed €90 + p/p

Mounted and backed to 280 x 325mm €65 + p/p  

Framed €90 + p/p

Kirkhope Tower is situated in the Scottish Borders near Selkirk.

I painted it from my daughter's house in Ettrickshaws some years ago.

It was derelict at that time but It has since been renovated and is now

occupied by it's new owners.

Title:           Kirkhope Tower

Medium:     Watercolour and ink

Size            30 x 38cm( framed)

Price           €115

This is a painting of a typical Scottish farm near Ettrickbridge

 in  the Scottish Borders painted while on a visit there eight years ago.

Title:            Borders Farm

Medium:      Watercolour and ink

Size:            15 x 50cm (framed)

Price:           €450

I did this painting about five years ago because I thought I would

like to see how near I could get to the beautiful full colour Ad.

I thought I would just tweak it a little so that it would'nt be a direct copy.

Title:    Chanel No 5 and a half


It was spotted by a German lady as she travelled on Dublin's light city tram system heading for St. Stephen's Green. The perfume must have been so overpowering that she got off at the next stop, came back and bought the painting.


To sell an an advertisement to a client in the pre- computer era, the original idea had to be generated either by quick sketches, felt pens, or in some cases to full presentation roughs as they were called before the photographer was called in. This painting was done with those days in mind but with a quirky Irish twist

Medium:             Oil


Size unframed  45 x 55cm


Size framed:      should be approx. 57 x 67cm


Price  €1800