Retireman 1995 -

So now that I've  retired, I've got all the time in the world. That's what I thought but in fact I am as busy as ever. One of the first things that came up was a competition  to design a symbol for a local area Community Education Centre which I entered and won.

And this was my submission  

My personal Christmas card business for pleasure was, and is still to the fore and here are just a few which you might enjoy.

In 1995 we downsized to a new house and this was 

the inspirational view from the front window that year

This one was just an excuse to return to my designer roots

We were now closer to the sea so why wouldn't Santa cool off

between trips down the chimneys.

And the last one, for which I was paid, enabled me to

induge in creativity once more with the take on CPL.

This card was done in the spirit of humanity some years back. Sorry if  I ommited your lot but there just wasn't enough room on the tree.

Tollcross park was where I spent many happy hours and went to the school you can see in the background

The only hint of Christmas  being the little robin on the seat.

In that same park in Glasgow was this great little museum. Many of our old chums had  fond childhood memories of it.

This little landscape was a recent interpretation which I did from a very good photograph taken by a good friend of mine called Nigel Scott who lives in Aberdeen. Visit his website http// to view some of his other work.

My painting which is quite small was ' dashed off ' to show Nigel how good it could look as a watercolour. Although I have never seen the mountain in real life but working again from the photograph I may just take the notion to paint it on a larger scale sometime.

Title;      Heathrow to J.F.K. via Achill.

A large oil colour depicting a group of standing stones which were specially commissioned as part of  series of sculptures on' The Mullet' in Co. Mayo in Ireland. It stands on a hilltop which overlooks Achill Sound, hence the title, inspired by the amount of aircraft on route to the USA.

 My youngest daughter's three children were having snapshots taken around the same stones 

so I decided to place them  on top  and in front in order to add some life this  large oil painting

which now hangs  pride of place on the wall of the grand upstairs landing  in their house.