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 Glasgow views from the turn of the Century  

St. Vincent Street

Size:   20x40 cms. On quality art paper

Price; €70 each plus p/p

This painting is one of a series  of five which I have used as my personal Christmas cards for some years.
They will now be on sale as prints, each one depicting a Glasgow scene from around the turn of the century of which this is an example.

The original painting has been sold but prints are still available.

Charing Cross

Size:   20x40 cms. On quality art paper

Price; €70 each plus p/p

The second in this series depicts a winter scene from the early part of the last century 
looking towards Charing Cross with coach and horses in evidence.

St. Enoch Station

Size:   20x40 cms. On quality art paper

Price; €70 each plus p/p

This is my interpretation of a view from times past looking across to St. Enoch Station with the recently built subway station prominent.

 The Trongate

Size:   20x40 cms. On quality art paper

Price; €70 each plus p/p

This picture was done with personal memories in mind, as it shows an early tram on the No. 29 route bound for Tollcross where I spent my childhood.


 Jamaica Bridge

Size:   20x40 cms. On quality art paper

Price; €70 each plus p/p


This is my depiction of a snow scene on Jamaica Street Bridge. Judging by the number of tram cars it looks like rush hour.

Nothing has changed!


Title;       ' “ The Jeannie Deans”                              heads for home'.         Medium;    Oil
Size;            35 x 92cms
on block canvas
Price;         €1700 plus p/p
This painting shows the ‘ Jeannie Deans’, which was a sister ship to the paddle steamer ‘Waverley’ (still in service) passing close to Bute on her way back to Cardross after the day’s run, while Arran, with its ‘Sleeping Warrior’ outline is in the far distance. The northern tip of the big Cumbrae is seen on the left.


Ailsa Craig 

( aka. Paddy’s Milestone )

Medium; Oil.

Size; 50 x 60cm. framed.


Ailsa Craig has been a source of fascination and inspiration to me having grown up with it’s distant image on my mind from wherever our holidays took me on the Ayrshire coast. This picture was painted from a photograph which I  took from Turnberry on our way back to Ireland. I just had to capture the magical quality of light behind the rock.



Framed picture size: 60cm.sq.

Medium: watercolour

Price: €500 plus p.p.


This is a picture of Greystones harbour before it was replaced by the new one in 2011.

The picture shows the coastal path leading to Bray head with Howth in the distance.


The next seven pictures were painted using a medium which I hadn't used before, oil pastels
and I was quite pleased with the results in which the paint seems to lie on the surface leaving the indents on the rough paper become part of the overall effect.

The size of each is 10cm. sq. and they are presently mounted and framed in a black
block  frame.

They hang in my house at the moment, not with the intention of being sold.
However I might be tempted should anyone make me a reasonable offer. 


Boat and tractor at Blacksod Bay


Rusting winch



 Rocks off the Mayo coast


 Flowerpower coooling tower

This had been an eyesore on the Mayo landscape for
many years. I just thought I would brighten it up a little.


 Windpower trio

 Another black mark in many people's opinion but I think they add a bit of 21st century interest to the landscape for the present at least.


Seaweed Patterns below Benwee Head



 Standing stones abstract

 I just can't seem to get them out of my head.

The nine pictures in this section belong to my 'East Coast' series. So called because are all scenes which depict the  coastal region just south
of Dublin


This is a limited edition run of 175 of each.

They can be purchased as double mounted prints only or in limed ash frames .Framed size 33cm x 38cm.

Bulloch Harbour


Price unframed €65  
Framed €95 plus p/p


A walk up Killiney Hill

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p


Coliemore Harbour

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p


Dalkey Landmarks

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p


Going for a swim at the 40ft.

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p


The HSS passing Sandycove

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p


The Bandstand, Dunlaoghaire

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p


Sorrento Terrace

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p


The Cannon, Dunlaoghaire

Price unframed €65   
Framed €95 plus p/p



This ink and watercolour painting is of a hill called Coolagad near the seaside town of Greystones in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. It was commissioned by a lady as a present for her husband on his70th birthday to remind  him of the place where she thought he used to play as a boy.
Thankfully for all concerned, it turned out to be the right spot.


A Dublin tram,  lovingly restored to it's original condition by a group of volunteers and  on permanent display at the Transport Museum in Dublin.I painted it in a contemporary setting some time ago and I am glad to say that the painting was bought by the ESB, ( The Irish Electricity Board ) for €1100, at a exhibition where all the proceeds went to a charity for the homeless, called 'Alone '.



Watercolour and Ink
Size 22 x 8cm
Price €400 
Ben Wyvis, A sprawling and impressive mountain in Easter Ross, in Scotland.  This small painting was  done from a photograph taken by Nigel Scott, an artist friend who lives in Aberdeen, to let him see how it could be adapted to my own watercolour technique. It was dashed off in a flash of inspiration and in this case, everything seemed to fall into place, resulting in a painting with which I am very pleased.



size: 33 x 50cm
price: €495


This is a drainage field in  Mayo on the west coast of
Ireland. I painted this watercolour in 1995  and on a
 recent visit to the area, that same  field still held the
same fascination for me as a brilliant patch of  green
 against an otherwise featureless brown hillside.
  Disappearing Bray 

The following three paintings are part of an ongoing series which I call Disappearing Bray. Their purpose is  to depict some of the long established shops in the town of Bray in Co.   Wicklow, Ireland while they still exist. 

Unfortunately one Aladdin's cave of a shop  has already gone, and indeed only one of the redoutable ' Ledwidge bros' is left to keep a beady eye on the shop these days. All of the prints, known as Giclees, have  a limited edition span of 50. They are guaranteed lightfast and printed on the finest quality gallery approved paper.

Print size: 31cm (12") square plus border
price;  €95 plus p/p
Framed (for locally based sales only €150)

Print size: 31cm (12") square plus border
price;  €95 plus p/p
Framed (for locally based sales only €150)

Print size: 31cm (12") square plus border
price;  €95 plus p/p
Framed (for locally based sales only €150)



RMS Titanic - Her first and final voyage into history 

Print size;  30 x 40 cm. (12 x 16'')
Price; €40
Framed size; 40 x 50 cm. (16 x 20'')
Price; €65

I think it appropriate that I should include a print of the Titanic in view of the current interest in the ship on this, the 100th anniversary of the tragedy and also to coincide with the exhibition currently running in Belfast.
I have depicted a scene where the tender is returning to Cobh, having left the very last passengers to board the ship before departure.
Morning turns to night as the iceberg looms in the distance.


Picture size:  190 x 190mm
Medium:   Pastel
Price:  Framed: €450


The new harbour entrance at Greystones has a particular Greco-Roman style about it which appeals to me. This is just one of many studies of it which I foresee coming out of   my studio in various forms in the near future.


Title:              Colossus of Greystones
Framed       49 x 58cm
Medium:     Acrylic

Building work at Greystones Harbour, county Wicklow, Ireland is at a standstill at present, and looks to be so for some time to come, but one element which I absolutely love are the  classic pillars which form the entrance to the harbour and will be standing when the job is eventually completed. Indeed they have become a focal point in much of my recent work.
I drew my inspiration for the white elephant, ( love it or loathe it ) from one of the ancient seven wonders of
 the world, Where a statue known as the Colossus of Rhodes supposedly stood astride the harbour walls until
it was destroyed by an earthquake in 226 bc.

Title;    Tree fantasy at Blackrock Park
Mixed media;
Price;  €950

This painting started life as a photographic study  over a year of 2 separate views of a tree formation in the park. Not being happy with some of the results, I turned them into paintings by applying guache to each print and transforming them into something a little more quirky in the process. For instance, the New York skyline in one, showing the twin towers. Yes it was done that long ago. There are also 3 original paintings within the group of twenty.


Winter view across Carrowmore Lake


Size: Aprox   55 X 35cm
The mountain under snow in the background of this landscape is called Corslieve and is in county Mayo.
It is a painting I did as a house-warming present for my daughter who lives across the lake.
I particularly like it because I departed from my usual style into a thicker impasto treatment
in acrylics.  I just discovered it when we spent Christmas
there last year.

Title;                     Alhambra Palace
Size;                     24 x 44 cms.
Medium;            Mixed
Price;                  €550

I visited the Alhambra Palace 18 years ago and took 4 rolls of film which I sent to be processed at a lab in England.  All were apparently lost, so they said, which left me with no record at all. The painting was done at the end of January 2013 using a travel brochure picture and my fond memory of the visit as reference.